An SEO marketing agency is definitely a complement that every medium or large company should eventually resort to.

This is because, in a time where markets are increasingly demanding, massive and international, thanks to phenomenons such as globalization, companies must make sure they have up their sleeves all the aces that will help them take advantage, stand out and, as a consequence, attract as many customers as possible.

And SEO is the ideal tool for this. Below we will learn what this practice consists of and we will see its importance for modern digital marketing, as well as the benefits it can bring to companies.

At the same time, we will look at some of the many ways in which a SEO marketing agency works every day to position its clients and help them get the best results.

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What is SEO? The first step to understanding the importance of a SEO marketing agency

In this blog we have already talked many times about SEO, but it never hurts to explain it again for those who are just entering the wide and interesting world of digital marketing.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO consists of a set of techniques and practices that, when applied and implemented by a SEO marketing agency, help companies boost their presence in major search engines, such as Google or Bing.

In this way, every time a customer performs a search related to the field, no matter how small it may be, the company in question will appear, if not as the first option, then as one of the first ones.

This will increase the volume of leads and, above all, will position the company as a benchmark in its sector in a purely organic way. This idea that SEO generates an “organic” positioning is central, and we will go into this in more detail later on.

Keywords: the secret weapon of a SEO marketing agency

Among the many techniques that make up SEO, one of the most important is, without a doubt, the use of keywords.

A methodical and professional work on keywords (based on the regular generation of genuine, original and valuable content) is the best way to position companies at the top of search engines.

A SEO marketing agency must be a specialist in keywords, not only at choosing the most worthwhile ones to work with, but also when creating effective and personalized strategies around them.

But, what are keywords? They are those concepts that potential customers of a certain company use when they search for something related to that sector.

Through an analysis of metrics, agencies will be able to identify the most popular keywords, as well as those that are not yet on everyone’s lips but that can be exploited to achieve a genuine positioning.

An example of the results of SEO

To understand this, it may be interesting to put ourselves, for a moment, in the customer’s shoes:

Let’s imagine that we are interested in renting an apartment. Some searches we could resort to could be, for example, “rentals”, “how to rent in Buenos Aires” or “best areas to rent”.

Well, a real estate agency that has done a good work with a SEO marketing agency will most likely appear as the first result in Google for all those searches, as long as it has worked on those specific keywords or similar ones.

The higher up customers see this real estate company, and the more frequently they come across it in their various searches, the better their perception of it will be.

The real estate company will gradually build up a good brand image and will position itself as a reference in the rental business in Buenos Aires.

This same organic positioning formula can be extrapolated to all types of industries and sectors, since SEO is extremely versatile, applicable to all kinds of businesses.

However, for that it is essential (as already mentioned) to resort to the expertise of a specialized SEO marketing agency, since they will have the necessary tools to analyze the metrics and look for the best keywords to exploit, boosting your business as a result.

SEO vs. SEM: Opposites or complementary?

People who are not that deep into the world of marketing often stick only with SEM rather than opting for the services of a SEO marketing agency, because the results of ad campaigns can be seen much more instantly.

However, as fast as they come, so fast they go: the moment you stop investing in Ads, traffic and lead numbers tend to plummet, since the only thing that kept the ads anchored to the top of the search engines was, precisely, the money being pumped in.

With SEO, on the other hand, although the results take longer to come, the rewards will be much more lasting.

This is due to the aforementioned organic nature of this kind of optimization, in which it is content and knowledge that position companies at the top of the search engines, and the algorithms will keep them there for much longer, even when the flow of content created is reduced.

But, at the end of the day, SEO and SEM are complementary and equally relevant. If you put them to work together towards the same goals, you can get incredible results.

That’s why a SEO marketing agency should not take SEM out of the equation, but rather integrate it into their daily search engine optimization processes and strategies.

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